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Monastery Saint Gerasinos & Winery


Continue to Saint Gerasimos Monastery, which is considered one of the most sacred pilgrimages in Kefalonia. Saint Gerasimos is the patron saint of the island and is famous for his astonishing capability to cure people with mental illness. His relics are kept in the monastery. The lake is about 164 metres long and 35 metres wide. If you taste the water you will notice that it is brackish water, 60% seawater and 40% freshwater. The seawater, coming from Katavothres, is enriched by the many underground freshwater deposits in the karsts and enters Melissani Lake.

Not far way, is Vasilaki winery. Red semi-sweet wine.All the fragrances in a bottle are reminiscent of every single moment on the island.With love from Vasilaki distillery.

Tour Highlights

  • Visit Saint Gerasimos Monastery
  • Taste the local wine at Vasilaki’s winery
  • Melisani the worldwide natural cave with torquoise waters
  • Drogarati is an impressive cave with remarkable formations of stalactites and stalagmites
  • Comfort stop for walk & lunch at Agia Efimia village
  • Photo stop at Myrtos Beach balconie
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