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Σπήλαιο Δρογκαράτης και Λίμνη Μελισσάνης


Begin with a drive around the scenic bay of Argostoli before passing Mt.Ainos.Descend to the port of Sami before heading towards Drogarati cave.Upon arrival,Follow the steps leading to the cavern of orange and yellow stalagmites,which hang from the roof like curtains. Feel the temperature drop as you admire the translucent stalagmites,which emerge to form to form spacious chambers,one of the great chambers has fine acousticks-why not test these for yourself.

The tour continues to Karavomylos where you will discover Mellisani lake that was discovered by Giannis Petrochilos in 1951.Reach the lake by an underground tunnel and take a short boat ride,As you enter the cave,admire the unique natural work of sculpture created by the stalactites and the crystal blue-green color of the waters.

Finally, make a stop where you can view Myrtos Beach .

Τα κυριότερα σημεία του Tour

  • Discover two Kefalonia’s natural wonders
  • Stopover to katavothres & Lighthouse of Saint Theodoroi
  • Take a boat ride into the underground Melissani lake
  • Explore the great chamber o Drogarati cave
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